Hey, in this article I’m going to show you how to get 1,000 high quality backlinks using a very simple formula.

Let’s dive right in. Okay, so the website in this case study is candyfunhouse.ca and basically they just sell candy in bulk. And I kind of stumbled upon this little strategy that they were using and it kind of blew my mind because, you know, obviously we’re always using these traditional link building tactics but whenever you see something that’s really unique that’s being used to acquire a lot of links fast, you really have to pay attention. So here is the overall growth of their website. And you can tell over time, they’ve had pretty slow growth.

But there’s a couple key things I want you to see here. So, you know, they started, let’s say, 2015 or so and you can see the growth was very slow. And the organic traffic growth, the overall keyword profile didn’t grow a whole lot. And the reason is pretty simple, it’s because the link profile wasn’t growing. Okay, so if we look at the link profile, it’s pretty much the same.

This blue line right here. But then what they did is they started to build some links. They started to acquire more links. So you can tell here, right at this point when they started to increase their link velocity, you can see that they had a nice little bump. Just from beginning to acquire more links, they got a nice little bump. But there’s a direct correlation between getting more referring domains and the overall keyword profile growing. But the one that’s really, really fascinating is actually right here.

Okay, so they had a nice bump here again because of the continued link growth. But then they ran this link building campaign which I’m going to be showing you. And you can tell, they were down right about here at roughly 44,000 keywords in total. And with this huge link growth they had here where they nearly doubled their total referring domains, their traffic went up pretty substantially. And actually, not only their traffic but also their organic keyword profile.

So they added basically almost 20,000 new keywords to their total keyword profile. And that’s 100% attributed to these links. I have no doubt in my mind that the links are largely responsible for this. So what did they do to get this many links in this short amount of time? And most people would look at this chart and probably be pretty disturbed, right? Because these links were acquired very fast.

I mean, this was in December and they added, doubled, even tripled the amount of links that they have in basically a year. And that’s fast. Like that’s really fast. And so there’s only a few ways to increase link velocity at that level. Number one is you’re just buying an excessive amount. You have a huge budget where you can just really buy an enormous amount.

This is much more rare. The other option is that you get something that attracts a ton of links. It goes viral and then you’re able to scale out the link profile growth. That’s in a perfect world, right? But once again, going viral is difficult and it doesn’t always work super well. But what they did, it worked very well. So I think it’s important to show you just so you know what is possible when you come up with a creative strategy.

So what did they do? Okay, let’s take a look. So what they did is they created a page for the careers at their business. And so first of all, creating a careers page is already a good link building strategy because there’s lots of websites that will link to career opportunities. And so just that alone, if you don’t have a careers page, definitely consider it because that’s an easy way to score backlinks.

But what they did was actually really unique. They create a special position for the chief candy officer. Some unique position that no one else has. And then they ran a marketing campaign. So they have this video here, which I’m assuming these are actors. And then they have the same actors up here. I don’t think that these people work for the company.

I think they’re probably actors. So they clearly worked with a marketing company to get this all squared away. And it worked incredibly well. Okay, and is this position even real? I would hope so because that would be very dishonest. But I’m assuming it is a real position. But the amount of traction and links and coverage and press that they got from this is insane. It’s absolutely insane.

So the point is it shows you that doing something really unique that really stands out is a way to get a ton of links. And it makes a huge difference because realistically, maybe they invested in the videos and had to invest in the actors. So maybe that’s $10,000 or more. But the amount of links that they got and the quality of those links that they got, which I’ll show you in a second, this is pennies compared to the value that they got from building their link profile and ultimately growing their organic keyword profile too. So all the benefit of getting more traffic and ultimately building this link profile is huge.

So to increase your traffic at the level that they did immediately grew their business, no doubt about it. So let’s take a look a little bit deeper. And you can see, look at this. This is the actual page itself. And the page itself is not the catalyst for getting more traffic, right? That’s not what this is necessarily for. Although they may get some branded traffic, you know, for chief candy officer, quote unquote, this is not really the objective. The objective of this strategy is to drive links to this page, which then increases the overall authority of the site and a rising tide lifts all ships. And I’ve seen this countless times. You can have one page on your site that gets a massive amount of links. And it’s a classic 80 20 rule, you know, 80% of your links go to 20% of your pages.

Now, in this case, it’s even more leaning in a more radical direction. But the point is, is you can have just one page that does really well from a link building perspective, and it will make your entire site better. It’ll make your other pages perform better. And when you have good internal linking setup, like they have, if you look here, they have all their internal linking setup.

They have everything they need to get as much coverage as possible on the site. All of that link equity, all of that authority is just going to flow to all those other pages. And so that’s why just building up one really good strategy on one page can be so incredibly effective. And this is a great example of that. So here are all the links that they got to this page. And as you can tell, it’s pretty insane. Fortune, food and wine, travel and leisure, mental floss. I mean, it’s all over the place. And this is incredibly difficult to get these links.

I mean, to put it in perspective, just to get a link on Fortune, like, you know, I do have contacts to get links on websites like this. And I’ll tell you, you’re looking at least $2,500 to $10,000 per link. So if you do the math on that, and they got, you know, let’s say a thousand referring domains, or even 500 referring domains from really high authority sites, just do the math on it. And it’s pretty insane. So even if they spent 10 or maybe even $20,000 on this marketing campaign, it still is going to get a massive return on investment, not only from how much they would have had to invest in getting these links manually, but also the amount of traffic and organic growth that they got.

So it was a very, very successful campaign. It’s something that you should definitely study and try to emulate in your unique scenario, because it is really, really a good example of how to scale out your link building.

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